Sports Massage (60min)

  • 1 hour
  • Starting at $85.00

Service Description

Athletes know the benefits of a real sports massage. It doesn't matter what level athlete you consider yourself, or what type of sport you participate in, specific techniques used during this massage can help you achieve your goals. Before an event help warm up muscles and increase blood flow decreasing the risk of injury and allowing for better performance. After an event help the muscles recover from exertion by returning them to a restful state and aid the release of built up lactic acid responsible for soreness. Recover from a sports related injury help return the muscles back to normal function by assisting proper formation of scar tissue, improving strength, increasing flexibility and restoring range of motion. 60 min: $85 (after an event or regular muscle use) 90 min: $125 (required time needed for working on injuries)

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