Specializing in Deep tissue and Medical massages.

​​​​​​​Bodhi Massage Center In Vernon, NJ

​I Specialize in  

helping people find relief  from chronic neck, back, hip and shoulder pain. 

My Philosophy

Elaina J Evans

Licsened Massage Therapist

I Manage corporate wellness programs for companies  like Party City; helping employees  stay at work, pain free.


I believe in massage and the benefits it offers. My ongoing quest for additional education allows me to provide the most current techniques with excellent results. Each client is an individual  and I tailor each massage to meet their specific needs. I care, my clients know this.  


I am currently the Corporate Division Manager for Body Plus LLC.

I provide therapy for over 120 clients monthly. These individuals suffer from chronic tension, stress, and pain.  My experience and knowledge has enabled me to correct and relieve most muscular imbalances and referred pain.

I love what I do!  Every person can benefit from massage! Each client I see has a unique experience with the same outcome. Relief from physical suffering!


My Education

Current Business Affiliations

I've completed 2040 hours of training at the Institute of Therapeutic Massage in New Jersey,

far surpassing the 550 hours required by state law. With my combined study of Eastern and Western massage modalities, as well as NASM exercise science, and advanced anatomy, I'm able to provide a unique massage experience.